New Harmony Heritage welcomes other writers whose interests include Southern Utah and New Harmony.  Our recommendations are not intended to be a complete listing, and we encourage readers to submit other sites which might be included.

Brent Prince's Blog

 Brent focuses on southern Utah, esp. New Harmony history. Lots of photos.

Fort Harmony Historical Society

 Website of the Fort Harmony Historical Society.  Focused on the history and restoration of Fort Harmony, east of New Harmony.

John  D Lee Family Organization

 Family organization website for John D. Lee, an early New Harmony pioneer.

Washington County Historical Society

 Home page of the Washington County Historical Society.

     WCHS Fort Harmony

 Historical Society page on Fort Harmony.

     WCHS New Harmony

 Historical Society page on New Harmony.

New Harmony Heritage Blog

 New Harmony Heritage's very own blog site.

Harmony Valley Fire Association

 A special services Washington County fire district
Redd Family

 Redd Family Organization